Soca-Meets-Afrobeats High Bred

Updated: Jun 13

Cali Gray is fusing her Caribbean roots with her African heritage on the new soca-meets-afrobeats high bred “My Boy”.

he New York, USA-based soca/dancehall act has teamed with super producer Kyle Phillips of Bad John Republic to evoke the energies of West Indian and West African rhythms on the chart-climbing track.

Cali (Calika Grayson) recently released a music video for the track produced by Hamid Rahman. Shew says the merger is a true reflection of her artistry and personality.

“It’s me. This is who I am. I grew up in the Caribbean with culturally aware parents that not only surrounded me with music and movement from Africa, but also explained and interpreted those in a modern Caribbean context,” Cali explained.

Cali says she hopes the project can help lift spirits back home in T&T. The Arima-born singer said she is acutely aware of the rising cases of Covid-19 and daily death toll in T&T and urged nationals to follow the advice of health care professionals and get vaccinated as soon as it is made available to them.

“I’m in contact with family and friends back home and it’s worrying to see some people are not following the guidelines. Here in New York, we were able to get past the worst of the pandemic by staying at home, staying masked up and maintaining social distance. Then the vaccination drives were a real game changer and now life is returning to normal. I wish a similar speedy resolution to sweet T&T, but in the meantime, you have to take care of yourself and your family and make sure you stay safe,” Cali concluded.


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